Benefits of 3D design for your next landscape project

3D Software Capabilities

Fortunately, design in the landscaping industry is changing for the better thanks to 3D design software. Our customers can now see exactly what their yard or outdoor space will look like before they agree to move forward with a project. They can sit down with a design to be walked through a 3D model of their space, with all of the buildings and terrain matching their existing property. The new design will look just like what our landscape team will actually install for them. The designer will show proposed plant and hardscape materials. Even the sun and shade conditions can be altered to match individual properties. The property owner will be able to visualize what our team plans to implement on the property.

Design Certainty

This is where 3D design really pays off. As a customer, you’d much rather realize upfront that you’d like the design to be changed. While a designer is never looking for this outcome, it’s a win-win for everyone if changes can be made before our landscape team even begins construction on your property. With our 3D software, the design can be altered quickly sometimes even during the initial presentation of the design. Perhaps the customer would prefer a different type paver option or doesn’t like a particular tree or shrub that our designer recommends. With 3D design, these options can quickly be replaced within seconds, providing an instant visual to the customer and preventing headaches down the road.

Precise Installation

Our customers love our 3D designs because it is a real life feel when you are able to walk through your envisioned project. We also greatly benefit from 3D design! Our landscape team loves to have the 3D visual of the project before they begin the work as it shows them exactly what they are going to be producing. It saves us time, and it saves you money and so much stress.

At RJ Lawn and Landscape, we have been using 3D design to assist us on a number of projects. It has been a great complement to the expertise of our landscape designer and allows us to truly show our customers what they can expect. Our mission is to create an outstanding design and installation experience for every client. 3D design is an important part of how we accomplish the enhancement of your environment.
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