RJ Lawn and Landscape has years of experience designing and building hardscape projects, such as patios, stone walkways, custom driveways, etc. Hardscapes add aesthetically dynamic distinction between different areas of your landscape.

Hardscapes also help with erosion in the landscape compensating for foot and vehicle traffic that would be otherwise adversely affecting those areas. At RJ Lawn and Landscape, we believe the art of design in hardscapes is the basic focal point and foundation in every garden or landscape. Properly installed hardscapes add class and value to any home while dramatically reducing your maintenance costs. We are careful to select only the highest quality of the manufactured hardscape products for each of our projects.

Patios are built in a variety of colors and materials to choose from such as architectural slabs, concrete pavers, flagstone, dimensional cut stone, other natural stones or cobbles.

Paths and Walkways are helpful in directing foot traffic. There are many material options to choose from such as flagstone, concrete pavers, gravel, natural or man-made stepping stones. Their design and style can make any landscape interesting.

Paver Driveways can make a significant statement with the proper design. There are many textures, colors and designs to choose from

Permeable Paving Systems are installed for with patios and driveways as their responsibly in managing water displacement is important.

Heated Walkways and Driveway Systems are installed to reduce liability and keep your driveway and walkways clear of snow and ice by melting the snow away during the wintertime. Your family and guests will be grateful.

Retaining Walls are not only aesthetically beautiful, but can also solve slope issues while giving you more usable outdoor living space. Many styles and materials are available when considering a retaining wall.

Free-standing or Courtyard Walls add privacy by enclosing your patio area. These walls can also double sometimes for extra seating.

Flower Garden Walls add beauty and definition as they surround your flower beds.

Fireplace or Fire Pits add a focal point to a landscape. When nights cool off, having fire pit or fireplace to gather around can be a great asset.